Meadow Pond Farm offers riding instruction for youth, teenagers and adults. These lessons are suitable for riders of all experience levels including children who have never ridden before and adults with many hours of saddle time. Meadow Pond Farm uses independent contractors with many years of professional equine instruction experience. Lessons are offered weekly, throughout the year and focus on developing lifelong recreational riding skills in a positive teaching environment. Meadow Pond has horses of various equine disciplines but are most suitable for western style riding. Boarding
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services are available for those riders wanting instruction on their own horse. Following are details of Meadow Pond's lesson programs: Youth Riding Lessons: This weekly program is designed for children of ages 6-12 of all riding experience levels. Instruction is given in a group environment where beginner riders can learn from more experienced children of comparable age. Novice riders will quickly develop skills, balance and strength to safely handle all gaits. Teen/Adult Lessons: This group meets weekly as well and is dedicated to developing advanced riding skills in riders that have been riding for several years. Riders will be given more individual attention by riding patterns containing various gaits, speed transitions and lead changes. Riders will gain experience and confidence with handling horses encountering various obstacles and challenges in an arena and trail environment. Adult Lessons:These biweekly arena group lessons are for those riders seeking to refine their skills to a higher level of expertise through pattern and pair riding exercises. Participants will learn how to ride horses of various temperaments and to achieve difficult maneuvers and transitions with all horses. Private Lessons are available for those riders seeking instruction on an individual basis. Lessons are being offered on:
  • Sunday's at 11:00 am
  • Tuesday's at 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday's at 4:00 and 5:30 pm