Meadow Pond Farm comprises 135 acres of woodlands, pastures and open fields. All acreage is accessible by a network of well maintained, groomed trails. The trails have beautiful vistas of mountains, valleys, rock and water features. Meadow Pond Farm is abundant with wildlife and stocked ponds.
Vistas: Meadow Pond Farm lies approximately 400 feet above the valley of Little Meadows and halfway up the mountain side. The Farm has been landscaped to create beautiful views of the valleys and adjacent Endless Mountains. Trails: Many miles of trails have been carved among the woodlands, pastures and fields. These trails are well maintained to provide a safe and varied riding experience for rider and horse. Pastures: Meadow Pond Farm has approximately 15 acres of grassy pastures for year round turnout of its equine guests. These pastures are divided and enclosed with 4 board and high tensile electrified fence to provide secure grazing. Meadow Pond Farm employs rotational grazing, pasture re-vitalization and composting measures to assure continuation of the Farm's beautiful environment.